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Douglas Edric Stanley


Abstractmachine Project

It’s a private seminar, but I wanted to mention it here because I will be presenting the current status of my research for my doctoral thesis. I still have a lot more work to do — this is why I’ve been so silent recently — and the writing system has been somewhat tricky to finalize as the entire system is relational and recursive. I find it easy to get lost when writing recursive systems. But the foundation is more or less set, at last the overall idea, the rest is at the tweaking stage, and a first list of artists and works has been entered into the relational database which I’ll be working off from here on in. Yes there will be lots of Processing sketches with source code. I love the idea of writing a thesis on algorithms within an algorithm, and most of all that one of the components is a ”linearizer”, allowing me to push a button and print : Presto! Insta-thesis!

Here is the original french announcement:

Douglas Edric Stanley fera l’exposé suivant : « Machines abstraites : l’art à l’age de l’algorithme »

« Mes recherches portent sur l’algorithme dans l’art, et plus précisément sur la façon dont les structures et logiques de la programmation informatique influencent aujourd’hui la création artistique. Il s’agit non seulement de proposer une analyse d’oeuvres qui engagent la question de l’algorithme, mais églament de repérer des figures - appellé ici des “diagrammes” pour accentuer leur aspect fonctionnel - qui animent ces oeuvres depuis l’intérieur. »

After this I’ll be heading to Rennes to stay with my step-daughter and hang out at the (Assises nationales des écoles d’art link:assises-nationales-des-coles-dart). Then it’s back to Paris on Friday to see Servovalve’s performance at the opening of the Festival Némo. If you’re around…