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This is just a quick post to thank the indefatigable Régine Débatty for giving me a chance to rant against the French and exploitive media art festivals over at we-make-money-not-art. I probably said a few things that will come back to haunt me, but what the hell. At least I was able to discuss a little where I’m going with my current research, and to make yet another plug for Processing (cf. Processing Exhibition) and explain why it is good for art schools (as if you haven’t heard by now).


Original Comments:

2006-06-06 02:04:13

Karl D.D. Willis

I really enjoyed reading this interview. In particular the dicussion about the scale of “reactive -> automatic -> interactive -> instrument -> platform”. Have you written anything formally about that topic? A research paper for example. I myself am also interested in creating works which can create works, so would be great to here more on that topic.

2006-06-06 08:12:13

Douglas Edric Stanley

Yes, however it currently has only been published in French, for the book documenting our work on Jouable. The article is entitled “This is fun!” and is one of my better texts.

I will be developing these ideas further in my thesis, which will be online later in the year (after I finish the show in San Jose). That will probably be the thing you’ll want to read if you’re interested in machines making machines, as it’s one of the central tenets. This blog is only a small part of that larger project, so it’ll all be here.

P.S. I checked out your website, and the Sonasphere is pretty cool. Indeed, that’s a nice abstract machine. I’ll add it to my list of things to study.

2006-06-06 11:42:40


Very relevant article. I appreciated both your explanations concerning your projects (and algorithmical thoughts) and the critiques towards France (for the record, I’m french).

2006-06-13 02:47:51

Karl D.D. Willis

Thanks for that.

My interest rather than machines making machines, is more about authoring structures which enable other people to be creative. In many ways like your RUBIX cube musical device.

I’ll check back and look forward to reading your thesis.

Thanks again.