FACE Virtual Artist Lecture Series

Douglas Edric Stanley


Just a quick note to mention that, no, I have not dissapeared, it’s just that I’m working on two BIG PROJECTS®™ that you will hear more about at some other point. Yes, both have a lot to do with code. The real big project is of course a doctoral thesis, and that means as little of me gets around as possible. I’ll also post more soon about the two Processing libraries Stéphane Cousot and I are finishing up.

Marion Bonnefoy's point of view on the FACE lectures
Douglas Edric Stanley's point of view on the FACE lectures

In the meantime, a quick reference the the exciting-event-of-the-day, i.e. a networked cross-conference between the Chicago School of the Art Institute and the Aix-en-Provence Art School. We already met the Chicago croud in Aix-en-Provence, France Cadet just got back from a trip over there, some of our students are currently visiting, and now we’re getting to work on the networked aspect from our respective huts. I’m also supposed to jump over the big lake, but I’m too busy right now, so they’ll have to settle for my pixeled mug.

So for today’s inaugural conference, my collegue Peter Sinclair discussed his work with Locus Sonus and quickly demonstrated the current streaming/sampling Pure Data patch they’re currently working on for Locus Sonus. On the Chicago end, Robb Drinkwater talked about Supercollider (love that website!), and showed us a Processing meets supercollider demo he prepared for Dorkbot

Since the Aix antenna set up shop in the Atelier Hypermedia, and since the other free translator was already talking, it was my turn to translate what was being said (oh, simultaneous? joy!).

I’m the next speaker on the list (gotta finish a research presentation for April 5th, so I was outta this round), probably on April 27th. But I’ll have to confirm that later when I have something solid. Peter Sinclair suggested that we multicast my conference with Quicktime Broadcaster, meaning that whoever wants to, will be able to listen in. I’ll be giving a brief overview of the history of the Atelier Hypermedia, how we got where we’re at, why we don’t know where we’re going, and why we try to make it look fun. If you don’t understand French, it might be one of the few occasions where you can see me speak. More on that later.

Ultimately, these crossed conferences will be followed by networked collaborative work between Aix-en-Provence and Chicago. For that, Ben Chang and I will probably be building a Hypertable in Chicago soon and see what they can do with it.