Douglas Edric Stanley


Some people have written wondering, hey! why the silent treatment? Well, obviously I’m busy, but that’s still no excuse. Sure, I’ve been doing a lot of work on my thesis, but honestly I also took a short vacation — and one of the first in years (I think I need to take a few more). All I can say is that surfing was involved. More importantly, over the past few months I have taken some major steps towards developping a more healthy lifestyle and getting myself back into shape. Oh my god! Is that fat? But more on that later, because — bien sûr — machines are involved…

Now I’m back to work preparing la rentrée at the Atelier Hypermédia, and to that end I’ve already started filling in all the blanks that were missing from my on-line classes on Processing. For example, we’ve been teaching arrays and objects in the atelier from the beginning, but we still don’t have any of that material on-line. Sorry! :-(

So I’ve just fixed the first part of this mistake with a class on arrays. A second, larger class, will follow on objects. That class will probably be broken down into several sub-classes, since the subject is so important.

From there the plan is to gradually move on to a different style of teaching using more experience than technique, i.e. how to actually use these technical basics in actual work. New techniques will naturally be introduced, but within the framework of a tutorial on making real things and not just spindly lines that illustrate how many lines we can throw on a screen.

Processing lesson on lists, Atelier Hypermédia