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Douglas Edric Stanley


Processing Export to Application


From the Processing team: it only took us ninety eight tries to get it right, but release 0098 (not to be confused with 0.98, and not “two releases away from 1.0”) is available now at the download page: Processing Download […] the biggest change since our last email: export to application.

We don’t have to make our own applications anymore out of the processing.jar files (it was a bit tedious) : Processing now automatically exports to Windows.exe exectuables and applications. I.e. autonomous programs that you can put up for download, run without a browser, etc. This is great for installations where it’s really best to have the application open at auto-startup. The students are going to be very happy.

Processing is becoming more and more a reality.

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2006-01-06 22:18:22


“Processing now automatically exports to Windows.exe exectuables and applications.”

And Linux ;)

You can make windows and linux executable with osx.