Pocket Stories


Pocket Stories revisite les plateformes rétro ludiques pour les transformer en des théâtres de poche pour micro récits. Retour sur des supports microscopiques bichromiques pour développer de nouvelles formes d’histoires illustrés, où les contraintes ouvrent de nouveaux possibilités d’histoires. Ce workshop utilisera une méthode de création innovante, basée sur l’utilisation de cartes ludiques qui accélèrent les phases d’idéation et transforme le processus de création en un processus ludique. Le résultat sera une collection de micro-récits qui exploreront les nouvelles formes de narration à l’ère du numérique.

The Train

In this introspective story for GameBoy, the player is immersed in the thoughts of a protagonist during a train journey. Through the landscapes, memories are brought back to life and a dialogue with oneself is established.

Available in English and French

Baseball Kid

You’re a boy passionate about baseball. A meteorite is falling down on earth. What will you do?

Baseball Kid is an interactive story where you need to make the right choice when facing situations to continue and save the world! You will confront different trials like an evil dog or Billy the school bully.


EN — When Aloïse falls asleep and enters her dreams, she confronts her biggest fears. From small childhood nightmares to deeper psychological obstacles, she learns to defeat these terrors with hopes to find her voice and grow as a person.

FR — Aloïse ne peut pas, n’ose pas parler. Tous les jours, elle doit lutter pour se faire entendre. C’est quand elle s’endort qu’elle peut revenir, à travers ses rêves, sur les peurs qui la paralysent, de la plus superficielle à la plus profonde, dans l’espoir de les vaincre.


This interactive game tells the story of Hirug who wants to work in the cinema industry.

One day, after finding a hard disk, he meets some strange sorcerers. They are gonna teach him the secrets of movie editing !

Through mini games, try to understand the magic of editing and help Hirug to find his way in the cinema industry !


Somnia is an interactive first-person narrative. The player roams the house through the eyes of Sonja, a woman trapped in a psychological loop. By interacting with certain objects, her sleep cycle is triggered, join her in her battle against sleep and memory.

Good Luck

A man fell out the window while he was trying to catch his lucky charm. As he falls, he remembers his relationship with the luck and the choices he made along the years. Would have you been able to make better decisions than him?


This philosophical choose-your-own-apocalypse-style narration asks us what our deepest fears are and then forces us to face them. Players navigate two possible end-of-days scenarios, inspired by current events worldwide. Finding a way out of this endless cycle is the goal, and the solution sometimes is where you least expect it.

Voici un aperçu des images, films, jouets et jeux que nous avons utilisé pour nous inspirer, notamment les Polly Pocket et les Mighty Max qui ont intégré des comics de leurs univers dans leur packaging.