Parachute article

Douglas Edric Stanley


My school director just mentioned that there is a reference to my work in the latest Parachute magazine. I haven’t red it yet, so I’ll have to let someone else comment it to me. Apparently, it’s pretty minor and takes place in Jean-Pierre Cometti’s article The Mind Devoid of Mind: Art and Artifices of Intelligence. I found the article on the Parachute website, but I’ll have to read it at the school’s library which carries the magazine. Since I’m stuck in bed for a few more weeks, it might take awhile.

Parachute Magazine Cover

Jean-Pierre Cometti was one of the speakers at the Jouable Conference that was held at the Centre pour l’mage contemporain in Geneva. We’ve actually never really met, despite the fact that he works down the road at the University — on top of it all, as a philosopher in the art department. I suppose my reticence comes from the fact that he’s a Wittgensteinian. That said, I do have many friends that suffer the same disease, so I’ll try not to hold it against him.

It looks as if there is also an article on my brilliant collegue France Cadet, whom I work with at the Laboratoire LOEIL.