Nyan Cat Therapy Software

Douglas Edric Stanley


Nyan Cat Therapeutic Software
Nyan Cat Therapeutic Software

Inspired by the Ludovico Treatment for moral reform, Nyan Cat Therapy uses a camera-enabled Macintosh to fully couple the human gaze to the rainbow-riding Nyan Cat. In order to maximize the full effect, subjects are required to download, decompress and exectute the accompagnying application and position themselves face-forward before their computer. Upon detection of a sustained human gaze, the Nyan Cat Therapy software will activate the enigmatic cat.

For more scientific analysis of the Nyan Cat phenomenon and its various incarnations, please visit Know Your Meme’s page on Nyan Cat/Pop Tart Cat developing meme.

Inspiré du Traitement Ludovico, Le logiciel de Traitement Nyan Cat utilise un ordinateur doté d’une camera vidéo afin de mieux fusioner le regard humain et les forces énigmatiques du chat-arc-en-ciel, le Nyan Cat. Pour maximiser l’effet, les sujets doivent télécharger le logiciel, le décompresser et l’executer, puis se positionner devant leur écran. Au moment de la détection d’un regard humain continu, le logiciel activera le Nyan Cat.

Original Comments:

2011-06-17 16:36:49

Douglas Edric Stanley

Yep. Not much to it. Made on a train, 3h max.

2011-07-05 18:40:51


Nice application! I like it a lot. :P Now I can send it to my fellow Mac users and ACTUALLY see how long they can survive. :D Thanks a lot dude.


2011-06-15 02:39:32


And the point is that you lose when you stop looking at the screen? That’s great.

2011-09-28 06:41:21


Hey fucktard. Sorry to interrupt your current exploitation project, just wanted to congratulate you on being a talentless douchebag with no sense of moral or ethical propriety. Heard your trophy is en route. P.S.- Choke on a dick and die.

2011-09-28 04:28:09

Your mom

Wow, you suck. You can’t even make a decent sentence much less anything else. Anything else you want to fuck up?

2011-09-28 01:35:45


Wow, I’ve never seen so many bullshit words used to describe a useless program like this before. Because, you know, staring at a computer screen for excessive amounts of time is so relaxing.

2011-09-28 02:31:51


fuck you douche bag. i hope you drown in your own sadness as someone beats you sill with your own hands.

2011-09-28 00:18:16


yup, cracked.

2011-09-27 17:04:07


Hooray for pseudo-science.
And idiots.

2011-09-27 19:50:00

Taito Man

Well at least he isn’t exploiting 9/11 like a smug fuck this time. Also, Cracked.

2011-09-28 18:45:16

James Allen

Hi, Assbag. Greetings from a hugely liberal, free-speech loving artist who also manages to find you an unsufferable twat. Go fuck yourself, you exploitative piece of shit.

2012-09-23 01:30:18


I wonder if he intentionally made his high score “666”. I’d believe it.