Daisychain meet abstractmachine

Douglas Edric Stanley


I plugged a few of the abstractmachines into Peter Sinclair’s insane Daisychain today. In many ways, Daisychain is very close to many of the ideas I have been exploring in the abstractmachine, namely that the overall diagram of modular activity is as much the program as the very zeros and ones that make up the code which makes it work. Ultimately, the comptuer is the diagram, and that diagram is more than the physical machine.

For Daisychain I plugged in the Broyeur, as well as a modified version of the (War Machine link:the-war-machine). The Broyeur in fact was taking pictures from a wireless camera loaded on top of the War Machine, and then sent out its imagery into the Karaoke room. The War Machine’s engine, on the other hand, was listening to a chat designed by Gerard Giachi. Various letter sequences would control the War Machines movements.

Click on the image to get a larger scale diagram: