Conference + Workshop ENSAD

Douglas Edric Stanley


Trane Machine, Douglas Edric Stanley
Object Machine, Douglas Edric Stanley

I was invited to discuss my work this week at the National Design School (ENSAD) in Paris. I spoke of my research in algorithmic cinema, robotics, and programming in an artistic context. I showed a lot of work, including (Object Machine link:object-v87d2) and Trane, both of which got a good reaction.

I also finished a workshop at the end of the week. We explored collective interactions. The workshop was a great success, some very interesting objects and programs were developed. To give just a few examples: Annelore Schneider designed a 3D interactive cityscape where the contours of the buildings themselves only became visible as users on the internet added textures to the buildings; Emilie Pitoiset worked on two projects, one of them was a webradio project that she intends to develop for her diploma; and one of the funniest projects was Mariina Bakic’s collective text editor, perhaps the tiniest wiki ever built — anyone from the Internet could change a collective text made up of one single black character on a while background. As the text exists in real-time, people could fight back and forth with each other, essentially chatting, but in the end only the last character typed would have the final word. Very cool.