Assises nationales des écoles d’art

Douglas Edric Stanley


Assises nationales des écoles d’art

Oops, it happened again. I open my big mouth and end up getting dragged yet again into a conference where I probably won’t have anything to say. I was politely debating with a collegue from another art school on the subject of research, art schools, and the university system, when it turns out that he is one of the organizers of the big art-politics-education shindig in Rennes. I’m still not to sure what to think of this issue, it’s still pretty obscure for me as it’s steeped in the French political context, although I definitely have some positions on the difficulties of conducting research in our current situation. Whatever the case, I haven’t prepared anything, and I haven’t even read over the resumé of the last meeting on the subject I’m supposed to debate. I suppose I’ll have to cram on the train.

I will be debating in a round-table context, which is just about the stupidest configuration I can think of. I hate round-tables. People sit on a stage and give their opinions on things while other people watch. I much prefer moderated open debate. Or out-and-out speeches.

I insisted on mainting “une réserve de silence” if I do not have anything to say.

I originally was planning to go to the Assises as a spectator, and to participate in the next meeting of CEDAR for which I definitely have things to talk about.