Processing 101

Douglas Edric Stanley


Starting monday of next week I will be shifting gears a bit and concentrating an entire week to getting the students up to speed on Processing with all the basics they will need to know in order work in the Atelier Hypermédia throughout the rest of the year. This basics class will be followed by an advanced class the following week on OpenFrameworks. If you’re motivated and want to join in, let me know.

The difference this year is that we are returning to a formula we had somewhat abandoned at the school concerning technical introductions: cram all the basics into one intense week, hence freeing up the rest of the year for workshops, experimentation, research, theoretical exploration and individual projects. We used to run the school following this formula in the good-old-days®™ and it was a blast. I hope we can find some of that fun, anarchic energy this time around.

This also allows students from outside of the school and general idlers, hangers-on, or what we here in France call “pique-assiettes” to follow the training as well, since they can usually spare a week or two from their home institutions. We had originally planned to have quite a few students and even professionals (designers, artists, whatever) participating this year — I so didn’t place out a call out of fear that too many would come, as in the past — but so far only a few have made themselves heard. There is no waiting list, but I do appreciate getting an email beforehand letting me know if and why you attend to crash the party. There are no fees or requirements for loafers, but we do ask you to bring a laptop.

Classes are in French, oui, tout sera en français, and we can’t make any travel accomodations at this late date. Sorry. If you want to prepare, there are some on-line classes on Processing that you can follow here: Processing - cours en-ligne.