Douglas Edric Stanley


Ooops. I forgot about Processing Blogs being so popular. My video bandwidth just maxed out.

If you’re reading this from my blog, you won’t be concerned. But if you reading this from Processing Blogs well that last post got a little garbled and wasn’t supposed to look like that. It was actually the fault of WordPress’s RSS feed not wanting to play nice with Markdown. While I was trying to fix it (apparently it’s unfixable) I screwed up the post and the Processing Blogs robot grabbed that last icky mess. As a result, no one could see the YouTube video and apparently downloaded instead the too-huge-and-not-even-really-worth-it video from my last post. Don’t get me wrong, it was an interresting workshop, but not worth a 50Mb download! (update: it turned out to be PodPress’s fault; I had to move back down to version 7.2 in order to fix it.)

The reason for all the troubles: I’m experimenting with various rss-feed systems right now, in line with the new direction I’m taking my work. I have some interesting ideas on how to evolve the abstractmachine project over the next year, one of them being a video feed (more on what that will be like later). So while I was experimenting with different formats, tie-ins with YouTube and such-like, I sent out the last post mangled. Sorry. Please be patient. One of the original ideologies of the project was “always in beta”, but I didn’t mean for it to be taken so literally :-(

I’ve just re-read Lance Arthur’s post on amazon’s file-hosting service that Robert Hodgin mentioned a few days back (it’s kinda complicated). If anyone knows any other good hosts for video podcasts let me know because this bandwidth problem becomes an issue almost immediately when you start a podcast. I like Daily Motion and YouTube and whatever, and so far they’ve solved most of my previous problems, but I also like watching new video and listening to new audio loaded automatically onto that-little-white-thing as I ride the bus from my country home into town. I hate cars, and actually like public transportation, so podcasts were made for me. I also think it’s an interesting medium that I would like to explore as such.