Douglas Edric Stanley


As I mentioned last week, starting tomorrow I will be teaching a week-long intensive introduction to OpenFrameworks and C++ programming for artists and creative types. If you’re motivated and want to join in, let me know. Unfortunately, my blog has been down all week and I only figured out how to fix it today (Sunday), so this call for stragglers will probably be too late. But if you’re already in the south of France, we still have some room for what I called last week « des piques-assiette ». Just come with a laptop and we’ll set you up with 220V, wifi and ‘da knowledge.

As in last week, classes are en français, and we can’t make any travel accomodations. Also, this is an advanced class, so I’m going to figure that you’re already knowlegable in classes and lists. If you want to prepare, you should basically know how to program classes/objects in Processing/Java but you do not need to know C++ already. I’ll set you up with that. You should also understand how 3D works, pushMatrix() and popMatrix(), although I will of course go over all these concepts on Monday. (Si vous vous sentez perdu, vous trouverez une brève introduction sur ces concepts dans mes cours sur Processing). I’ve also started a class on using OpenFrameworks but I’m only at the introduction for now.