Douglas Edric Stanley


I have just uploaded onto YouTube three videos documenting the three concurrent exhibitions (Feedback, Gameworld, Labcyberspaces) opening the new Laboral Centre de Arte in Gijón, Spain (March 30 - June 30, 2007).

I have also included a short video documenting in more detail my installation Invaders! which is part of the Gameworld exhibition. This is a site-specific installation that I coded from scratch in just a few days using the Processing programming environment. In this video I’ve added some extra footage of the tracking software at work:

I’m obviously privileging my own work in the Gameworld video (hey, get your own camera). But I was bummed that I couldn’t include more footage of one of my favourite pieces, Eddo Stern’s Dark Game, especially since Eddo and I filmed about 30 minutes worth of footage. I didn’t have enough space on my disk to make a copy before handing over his cassette, so I’ll just wait for Eddo’s edit and link to it here later.

The curators for the three exhibitions were: Gameworld (Carl Goodman, Daphne Dragona); Feedback (Christiane Paul, Jemima Rellie, Charlie Gere); Labcyberspaces (Alex Adriaansens, Rosina Gómez-Baeza, Christiane Paul, Gerfried Stocker).

There are too many artists to list here. I should also mention that I missed a lot of works in my documentation. If you want to see it all, you’ll just have to go there yourself. Also I need to get some sleep. I have a plane to catch at 06:00 tomorrow morning.

Oh, and sorry for the quality of my crappy 300€ camera. My big-fancy-camera’s tape deck just died again. It’s the second time I’ve had it repaired only to have it die just after the repair warranty expires. Thanks Canon!