Gamerz 0.2

Douglas Edric Stanley


It’s running late and I’ve still got some code to write, so I’ll have to write more about this later. But I wanted to mention that the GamerZ 0.2 exhibit will be opening tomorrow evening at the Espace Sextius in Aix-en-Provence followed by a concert at the Aix-en-Provence School of Art.

If there’s one piece that stands out above all the others, it’s this very cool Damien Aspe installation entitled From Russia With Fun. It’s great, and reminds me of Space-InvadersRubikubism installations, only more art-pop (but still cool).

As for my participation, M2F found a little spot for the Atelier Hypermédia and the installation we built during our tiny workshop entitled « PlayVision ». The students have come up with a fun little project, all built in about 5 days total. It’s a sort-of live Mr. Potatohead, and you’re the Potato. We used, as previously mentioned, OpenCV inside of Processing, and Minim for the sound generation. The last two evenings I’ve spent a few hours stitching it all together and re-writing everything into cleaner classes, and so on and so forth. Tomorrow we finalize everything on-site and adjust the lighting with the organizers and fellow artists. Lighting is always a complete pain in the ass with video surveillance — gosh golly I sure hate adjusting lights.

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2008-01-14 23:30:59

gregoire L

Artists: dardex mort2faim, Quentin Destieu, Romain Senatore, Sylvain Huguet, Paul Destieu, Benjamin Cadon, Sylvie Reno, Servovalve, Guillaume Stagnaro, Antonin Fourneau, Manuel Braun, Sidabitball, Confipop, Jankenpopp, Damien Aspe, Pierrick Thébault, Pierre Andrieux, Philippe Coudert, Pascal Silondi, Stephane Kyles

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2008-01-15 07:45:29

Douglas Edric Stanley

Sorry! It’s the list I grabbed off their site. Oops.