Douglas Edric Stanley


I’ll be in Iceland starting tomorrow (cool!), and all through the weekend for the Pikslaverk festival which is part of the Pixelache network. I’ll be presenting the abstractmachine.vb7d8 on Saturday and apparently also talking about the usual (code&art) on Sunday.

Ok, fire up all your Iceland-is-bankrupt jokes and post the best ones in the comments: so far, anyone I tell I’m leaving for Iceland comes up with some lame bankruptcy joke that isn’t even funny. Apparently the mere fact that Iceland went bankrupt is funny. I don’t get the joke, but maybe that’s the nature of this crisis: even the bankruptcy jokes fail? Someone sould collect them all somewhere and do something with them, just as a reminder that jokes should generally be funny. So if anyone wants to give me some good ones…

Here’s something I grabbed from the Lorna/Pikslaverk website:

The Pikslaverk 2008 conference is the Icelandic component in the international network of Pixelache conferences. It is organized by Lorna (the Icelandic organization for electronic arts) in collaboration with The Icelandic Academy of the Arts and The Reykjavik Municipal Art Galleries. Through a series of lectures, presentations and performances, this year’s conference will continue Helsinki’s theme on education and act as a precursor to Bergen’s them on Free, Libre and Open Source Software by focussing on artists’ use of computer programming code to create works of art. Invited and selected guests will present a variety of views regarding issues relating to artistic applications of computer programming code.