Continuing the series on interesting student work...

Pascal Chirol has just arrived this year, and has been working alongside our merry ragtag gang at the Atelier Hypermedia where he is currently maturing his Flash skills into a deeper understanding of object-oriented programming while learning Processing & Java. Later, he will be connecting up physical interfaces to his programs with my collegues at LOEIL (should be interresting).

He is also fine-tuning a hillarious and yet quite elegant, and usable (!) website he created as a student at the École régionale des beaux-arts de Valence where he studied with some of the rare (but growing) French art professors hip to generative design, interactivity, programming, etc. (cf. Luc Dall'armellina). His project is called EasyDesign and it generates beautiful vector-based imagery for you, so you don't have to.

Pascal Chirol,

The part that I find hillarious is that you can also ask it to build you a poster in the style of John Maeda or the French design superstars M/M Paris. For an untrained eye, I'm sure it's pretty damn close! There is also « Easy Swisse » (LOL), and all sorts of other jokes for anyone who has gone to design school (luckily I avoided all that).

Along with Maeda’s « Design Machine », Pascal’s work clearly references things like Autoshop, Vectorama, Josua Davis (who already is a bit of his own « easydesign », isn’t he?), and anything Jürg Lehni (Hektor, Scriptographer, Lineto, Lego Font Creator). I’m sure there are others that should be mentioned, but I immediately think of those four.