Runway ML

Runway is great tool for exploring machine learning through a well-designed user interface :

We usually start teaching machine learning through Runway.


ML5 is an offshoot of the P5 project, making it easy for beginning creative coders to download some of the latest and greatest machine language “models” and incorporate them into their sketches.

It is probably best to get familiar with the basics of P5 first, before exploring ML5.


During the second semester Media Design 2020-21 session, we started exploring ML-Agents, a Unity + pytorch solution for using Unity to make Karl Sims-like virtual creatures and interactive objects and games. This is a powerful design tool for speculative urbanism, experimental game design, and all sorts of other uses. People also use it to train cars not to kill (too many of) us.

We are currently writing an online tutorial for using this library, based on our experimentations.

Note: this library for Unity requires 1. a basic understanding of Unity and 2. a basic understanding of programming C# scripts for Unity.