YouTube Xmas Special

Douglas Edric Stanley


More YouTube playlist fun, just in time for the holidays. I didn’t spend too much time on it, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

Let’s start with some Christmas Carols:

Skiing is fun, but be careful (and be sure to clean your skiis):

Shopping sucks, but here are some pointers:

Don’t forget your Christmas spirit! Here are some Christmas specials for reminders:

This Christmas, be sure to remember the environment:

And don’t forget the Jews!

The tree is always nice:

Lolcats like Christmas too:

Decorate your house, and bring out all the crazy contraptions:

Make sure you wear the suit right:

Opening Presents is fun:

How to deal with enjoy time with family:

Make a toast to all those you love:

All of which probably will lead to some indigestion: