Douglas Edric Stanley


Google alerted me to this video of the Cubed installation at ZeroOne. I don’t know who took it (alt4ir?), and the sound kinda sucks (all you can hear is the ambient noise unless you crank it way up). But that has more to do with the exhibition conditions and the way I set up the installation (I designed it so that the sound would point down directly to the cube user’s ears and not to a camera’s lateral mic). It was taken with a tripod which is nice. I have somewhat better images and video (although not much better), but I haven‘t taken the time to put them online yet because I’m busy tying up loose ends, working on my thesis, and getting ready for my trip back to France. There were a lot of people filming and taking pictures, including filmed walk-throughs with me babbling on, so hopefully we’ll see some more online; and as I mentioned, I’ll have my own footage when I get the time.