Webwaste @ Prix Möbius

Douglas Edric Stanley


Webwaste image

Ragnar has been invited to the tropical seaside resort of Helsinki for the Prix Möbius Nordica 2006 where he is presenting his webwaste project. A former post on the webwaste can be found here: webwaste.

We weren’t really expecting anything, and I don’t really know how all this came about, so just being invited means that Ragnar got a free trip to Helsinki. I’m trapped back here in the lovely weather of Aix-en-Provence, working, and with a stomach flu, so I couldn’t have gone. That said, I wan’t invited either ;-)

It’s not really public (ooops! too late!), but you can read the notes to Ragnar’s presentation, where he was apparently asked to defend the project a bit like a businessman makes a 5-minute pitch (ouf).

Of course we didn’t win the “grand prix”, that went to the Habbo Hotel which I kind of expected. I should also note that the very-busy Juha Huuskonen was there (along with others) with the Public Opinion project. Juha is the director of the Pixelache festival, which is currently making a stop in Paris, with the odd title Mal au pixel. If you’re in Paris, it should be interesting.

Ragnar did get the “prix creation”, but since it looks like everyone walked away with something…

I remember the Prix Möbius from the 1990, I always took it for a hold-over from the CD-ROM days. I was invited back in 1998 for another project (yes, I used to do CD-ROMs), but the organisation was pretty sloppy back then, and the invitation somewhat ambiguous, especially from a commercial standpoint (sorry, I don’t know how to sell a product). I think I eventually declined. Whatever the case, it left a bad taste in my mouth. Perhaps it has changed since then.

You can probably tell by my tone that I don’t take such prizes all that seriously. A least I try not to.