*Under construction...

Douglas Edric Stanley


This blog is currently going through a big update process. In fact it’s only been about five or six days that it’s been up and already I’m getting a bit of traffic. So for those that are new, basically I’m going through all my previous work, teachings, workshops, and mass-mailings/announcements over the past ten years or so and moving them over to the blog. I’m also updating the links and the photos in the process which is quite a job. So I’m only at about 40%. There are a lot of conferences and workshops to transition over, for example. Patience, I’m getting there. It’s a bit tedious, but when it’s over it’ll be a nice platform for me to work off of.

Previously, all of this documentation has been scattered around various locations, mostly in a pseudo-blog/mailing system that I built way back in 2000 and that didn’t work very well. That so many people have contacted me in the last 5 days and so few in the past 5 years just goes to show that WordPress is cool, and that Abstract Machine : News sucked. That and the timestamps didn’t work very well. And it was ugly. Rest in peace.

This also means that I’ll stop spamming everyone whenever I’ve updated a machine from 1.0.13 to 1.0.131 ,-)