Travel plans

Douglas Edric Stanley


Further blurings of my identity today. I’ve just gotten back from my last interview before becoming a true Frenchman, and now I’m about to get on a plane to head back to my home country for a few weeks. I’ll be in this national identity limbo for about a year, after which the paperwork will have gone through the system and returned with a big stamp. So I’m still not French yet. I.e. you still can’t call me a Frog, ask to see my beret, complain about my rude demeanor or whatever lingering Freedom Fry-esque hatreds you have yet to cure yourself of. Nope, for the moment I’ll just have to be another one of those bastard americans as far as you’re concerned. But around this time next year, I’ll be a more evenly distributed target for your bigoterie as I’ll be both an asshole imperialist pig and a pretentious frog all rolled up into one.

I’ll be in the Silicon Valley area for about a month (Los Altos Hills), with a weeklong stay near Santa Cruz in early August. If you can think of anything interesting going on, or just want to meet over a nice cup of hot tea, let me know.

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