Théorie des hyperpassoires et de la bulleicité

Douglas Edric Stanley


Ok, so I was feeling a little inspired today, and sort of strung up a pretty diverse plate of references, and along with those from the students and my collegues it was a pretty fun mix. For those that were present, here are at least the few I was able to remember (we went very fast, despite our obsession with slowness ;-). This is a mix of everyone’s links, I can’t remember who brought what to the conversation: Slow Real-Time Systems, Kansas Flatter Than a Pancake, Computer Emotivity, The Room of Desires, Sowana, Eve Future, L’homme machine, John Von Neumann vs. Alan Turing (cf. Alan Turing with breasts), The Turing Test, Eric Cartman, Richard Dawkins, and the Wii, The Church of the Flying Spagetti Monster, The God Delusion, Stephen Jay Gould, Stephan Wolfram, Richard Dawkins & Memes, Probabalistic Robotics, Rube Goldberg Machines, Diet Coke & Mentos, Nucleation, Der Lauf der Dinge, Honda’s Fischli & Weiss rip-off, Widget Workshop vs . Max/MSP, I (heart) Huckabees, Heidegger - The Question Concerning Technology, Prédiction, variation, imprévu, Plotsème, …

There was a lot more, but that’s mostly what we talked about during the morning session.