Prix Argos

Douglas Edric Stanley


As everyone knows, the most pleasureful prizes are the ones you are awarded without any effort on your part. I have no idea who these people are (I’ll invesitage further when I have a little more time), but they have just awarded our Plot research group the Argos - Lewis Carroll award based on the following criteria :Le Prix Argos - Lewis Carroll récompense un site web pour son originalité et sa convivialité, l’imprévu des rencontres et des informations offertes, son souci d’instaurer un dialogue transcontinental et de créer des affinités électives sur le web.

Which basically means in English that our website is original and friendly (you’re welcome), we offer unexpected ideas and information, we open a « transcontinental dialogue » (hmmm, difficult to do in French) and we create new affinities via the web. Sorry for the crappy translation, I’m in the middle of something else.

Thank you CNRS for that unexpected suprise. Now you’ll excuse me as I get back to my research…