Douglas Edric Stanley


Douglas Edric Stanley, Playlist for Écrans

A few weeks back, the cool French journalist Marie Lechner asked me to collect a list of interesting YouTube videos. I was originally going to do something more interresting than what I came up with, but I was busy travelling and so I quickly scraped together this fairly traditional list along with a there-goes-the-professor-again accompanying verbiage. Even if you don’t read French, the videos are fairly explicit: there’s insolent stuff, code stuff, remix stuff, political stuff, etc. Here’s the link: Playlist #1 par Douglas Edric Stanley. If you want a translation, Google will do it for you here: link.

My list will be followed in the next few days by people far hipper than I, such as Anne Laforêt, Vincent Epplay, or Michaël Sellam.

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2007-03-18 22:35:34


Hello, reposting (thought at first my message had been swallowed by a spam filter :). Thanks for the link. And I just discovered Shining + West Side Story remixes, simply excellent.