Little Red Riding Hood

Douglas Edric Stanley


Petite Chaperon Rouge, version Hypertable : réalisation Alexis Amen, Douglas Edric Stanley, Opixido

Here is a link to an installation that Alexis Amen and I finished for the “Salon du livre et de la presse de jeunesse” in the Paris neighborhood of Montreuil. At Alexis’ request, the Hypertable was turned into an interactive story illustrating different renditions of Little Red Riding Hood. It was a youth-oriented installation, which was interresting for me because I had been trying to find some more design-oriented uses for the Hypertable while still maintaining a certain artistic integrity. Working with children gives you some unique design constraints. I’m not 100% thrilled by the result, but it was a worthy exercise. Hopefully, Alexis and I can find another collaboration in the future where we can explore some of the design ideas we ultimately had to throw out.

Inside of Opixido, Alexis works on Piloti, which helps other artists code their works. Obviously I didn’t need to give him any pointers, at least not any pointers than those to my incoming data (bad programming joke).

Some of the design experimentation was done at the Atelier Hypermedia at the Aix-en-Provence Art School with Alexis, myself and two Hypermedia students : Pierre-Erick Lefebvre and Aurelien Boyer.