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I ran into the organizers of the Gamerz exhibit this evening on my way back from the workshop. They asked, « Did you see ? » « See what ? » « Your interview in Joystick magazine! » Cringe… Oh god, I’d forgotten about that. Then they really started to laugh as they realized that I hadn’t seen the picture they used. « Well, you’ve got a big picture in there with a funny helmet on your head ». Oh my. I forgot that anyone who wants to can grab my pictures off flickr, which is actually a pretty good thing for my ego now that I think about it. I’m going to have to learn to live with my mug one of these days.

The interview is okay. I talk a little about code, teaching, and games in no particular order. Pretty fluffy. It was nice to talk about a lot of young artists’ work though. If you don’t already read Joystick, it’s no use buying the magazine. The articles are pretty bad. They didn’t mangle my interview, so that’s very nice of them, but they didn’t put much in there to begin with so whatever. The article that it’s connected to (on experimental gaming) is pretty strange. The first half basically apologizes to the gamer fanboys for bothering them about some obscure subject they probably won’t care that much about. Kind of a strange way to write if you ask me. But what do I know? I write a blog.

Joystick Magazine interview

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2008-01-09 12:59:30

Digital Tools

This is brillant. But now we are curious, will you provide us with your helmet-picture on flickr?

2008-01-10 00:57:55

Douglas Edric Stanley

Oh, it’s bad. But I look bad in all my pictures. Which is just a form of denial, probably: i.e. that I really do look like that and only imagine that I look like Johnny Depp or something ;-)

And even worse, it’s not even my own helmet! It’s Eddo Stern’s Dark Game helmet (which is totally cool, by the way). That should give you enough information.