Des crochets pour tous[]

Douglas Edric Stanley


Ah… enfin… des crochets pour des français. Merci Ben. Si vous utilisez Processing, et que vous écrivez sur un clavier Macintosh Français, allez vite télécharger la dernière version, numéro 125.

Processing 0125 - Crochets

What the hell am I talking about? Well, through a strange chain of events, Processing suddenly developed a problem over the last few months with brackets. Yes, brackets. You probably already know this, but the signs [ and ] are absolutely essential to programming in Java, along with many other punctuation marks by the way: { } ( ) ; , <em> / % // /</em> */ & | and even the period (.), almost all of which take on wholly different significations than in English or French. Yes, computer languages are fussy, and without a bracket, you can’t really do anything interesting in Java. Unfortunately, they were an absolute pain in the @#$ to write on French Macintosh keyboards, because they also happened to trigger the « previous tab » and « next tab » keyboard shortcuts.

This is now fixed in the latest version — Processing 0125 — which also fixes all sorts of other major lingustic faux pas, such as calling that little color thingy a « Color Picker », which thanks to Casey Reas’ insistance is now correctly named the « Color Selector ». Oh and then there are a few other, unimportant things such as faster 2D image rendering. You know, useless things of that nature.


Original Comments:

2007-07-17 09:40:39

Andrew Donaldson

Isn’t it “Colour”? :)

2007-07-17 18:02:45


I just wonder (and creak with my teeth sometimes) why didn’t they reuse some component or already made code for the editor…!?
I mainly miss the Shift+Insert and Ctrl+Insert shortcuts for working with clipboard, but there are other features really missing or not implemented in sketch editor.. (
Namely Scintilla or JEdit or even Eclipse code pops up in my mind when thinking about the P55 editor and there are many others I am sure…

2007-07-18 21:31:31

Douglas Edric Stanley

I hear you.

But still, the limits of the editor have long been known, especially by the original creators. At one point they were lamenting having chosen the code they did. I think they rightly chose to focus on the libraries, and not on the editor itself.

Personally I’ve never really found any code editor all that essential to my work. It just has to work for me. My favorite is BBEdit, because I’m a Mac guy, but I’ll also use VI, XCode, that Microsoft thingy (uh, Visual Something), Context, whatever is required. As long as it gives me indentations and color-coding.

So I could care less about the features (I actually think the Processing interface is quite brilliant thanks to its simplicity). But I absolutely do want to be able to write brackets ;-)

2007-07-20 23:47:34


oh, yes, of course processing’s IDE is simple and nice
but what is this comparing to the new feature of its editor in 125 BETA on linux when it not only properly handles the brackets, but also adds nice feature to ctrl+s when this not only saves the sketch, but adds a nice letter ‘s’ to the edited code as well ?! hmm ..?
of course i should maybe fill a bugreport or something, but.. uhm.. i’m just lazy ../
but the point still is: why for heaven’s sake not to reuse some code when thing like coding editor and problems concerned with this have been written and solved thousands times before ?
i agree with coloring and indentation, but at least the common basics might work. am i asking too much ?
i am sure working with p55 would be much nicer for me and for lot of people also..