Culture du cœur

Douglas Edric Stanley


Delphine Soulié of Culture du Cœur 13 has invited Pierre-Emmanuel and me to run a short workshop tomorrow (oh crap, make that today — there goes a few more hours of precious sleep). We will be working with their « cultural mediators » on possible articulations between artists, the public, networks, structures, etc. I’m purposefully being pretty vague here because I want to keep the discussion as open as possible. Obviously I’ll be talking about how algorithmic processes can introduce new dynamics into various cultural contexts, the most obvious being our recent work with fast-code, cheap-consoles, slapped-together prototypes with video games. But I’ve only prepared a basic framework of documents and examples of work we’ve produced in these directions, I’m expecting the participants to lead us from there.

Culture du Cœur is a french non-profit network that offers the opportunity for publics that would not normally have access (ah, there’s that word again) to cutural events.