École d'Arts Paris-Cergy

Douglas Edric Stanley


Short post just to mention that I’ll be speaking tomorrow, Friday the 26th, 09h30, at the École nationale supérieure d’arts Paris-Cergy, thanks to an invitation by Bojena Jake. Also, Jeff Guess has just taken on a new position there, which is great for me, but even better news for the students of Cergy. Also, Jeff and I have finally come up with some concrete plans on how to further coordinate our two ateliers, so we’ll be moving in that direction over the coming months. More on that later, but it’s a continuation of what we started discussing last winter in Mulhouse.

You can see some of what Jeff does with his students on his blog (Atelier Pratique Algorithmiques). As for his personal work, you can explore some of it here (Projects), and if you’re in Paris he’ll be giving a performance of his Ekphrastic Objects at the Pompidou Center on November 21st.