Retrocompatible Design


Every year students in the Media Design Master are thrown headfirst into the conception and development of interaction design. This is called the Boot Camp and is designed to teach the basics of programming visual and physical interactions with objects. This year, the Boot Camp was broken into two parts: A. learn Processing and build a tablet-based prototype with it, B. learn Arduino and build an installation where the physical realm would interact with the audiovisual realm.

This year, the Boot Camp was based on techniques described in detail in the book ENIAROF, Guide de bricolage pour fabrication de fêtes foraines (Éditions 19/80, 2017, 19€, cf. Aternating between teaching sessions and prototyping, the students used these tutorials as a starting point for the creation of functional prototypes.

Crash Cards were used to rapidly confront students to the concepts and techniques of interactive media, as well as its culture, history and politics. Here is a list of the key words used for the cards:

Based on the results of these cards, the following prototypes were produced during this Boot Camp:


693-569 est un jeu de plateau explorant réverbération et lumière . Le joueur place ses pions pour construire son chemin. Tour à tour le faisceau se complexie pour atteindre sa position final.

Help Your Government

Improve your life while maintaining the peace in the streets! Get tax reductions, food coupons and other advantages doing your patriotic duty helping the overwhelmed police forces in this chaotic, riot-ridden era.
Just search on the map.

Animal Doh

Animal Doh est un jeu d’éveil à destination des jeunes enfants sur iPad qui permet une interaction entre de la pâte à modeler et des visuels animés. L’enfant est invité à modeler et expérimenter des interactions avec l’univers.

Animal Doh is a children’s game combining Play Doh and interactive visual animations for iPad. Children scupt their own creations and place them on the iPad to interact with the inverse of the game.

The Vindication of Jacques Benveniste

Even though Benveniste’s study of water’s memory defies conventional scientific understanding of physical chemistry knowledge, we actually could prove water in all its forms- especially ice- has memory! Please join our surreal tea party.


Golem, ce petit être artificiel qui prend vie par le contact et par éléments naturels. Sans libre arbitre se monstre se construit grâce a son maitre. Son coeur est fragile et s’anime grâce à la température et l’humidité ambiante.
Grâce à cette installation vous pouvez animer votre Golem.

Bâtiment H

This was our first workshop in the new HEAD Campus Batîment H. It’s an impressive building, with origins in the sewing industry.

Since this was literally our first week in the building, one of my first orders of business was figuring out what we could do with/in this new environment. Here are a few images from my various scouting missions:


Since design is also about people, here are some of our people *;—) :