Arborescence '05

Douglas Edric Stanley


Arborescence Logo

Every year at the end of the summer, the Arborescence festival is the meeting point for numerous artists coming from all around the world.

Those artists, through their creations question the relationships between art, nature and new technologies. New problems arise around themes such as the future of mankind, ecological issues and the benefits of new technologies in the context of globalisation.

The Arborescence festival is imprinted in a cultural project where art, nature and new technologies can conjointly bring hopes of renewed ethics and aesthetics.

Note: As I mentioned previously, I was part of the selection committee for this year’s festival. As it turns out, I will be performing after all at Arborescence, as part of the group 8=8. Our performance will be at the Cabaret Aléatoire in Marseille on October 8th, 22h30 sharp.