Douglas Edric Stanley


Ok, just to let you know that although I personally think my ^3 instrument is pretty frikkin Airwolf, Andy Polaine of ex-Antirom fame caracterized it as « dull » along with everything else at ISEA2006. Actually he originally thought ISEA was dull, but when Karl D.D. Willis insisted, Andy was more than happy to throw me into the briar-patch too. If you’re saying « Karl who? », he’s made some cool stuff you should check out on his website, and nicely used some of my current theories in a recent paper entitled « Creative Interactive Experiences as Production » for the The First International Symposium on Culture, Creativity and Interaction Design [link] last month. I forgot to thank Karl back then, so it’s now a done deal. Anyway, back to Andy’s rant, I thought it was pretty inspired, so I decided to made a comment. We now have a very polite back and forth going on you can check out here: [Interactive tedium from ISEA].

Apparently I might not be so « dull » after all, but even if I am, that’s fine. Work like « 3 » is designed specifically to ask questions about the future of instruments/interactivity. If I fail, that’s part of the process. This type of work is not designed as a final « product » which is now the next step for the abstractmachine project.