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Douglas Edric Stanley


Just a quick note that I just updated my ³ music synthesizer. Some people had written to mention that it was down — for once it wasn’t my fault ;-)

Abstract Machine : ^3

Shockwave and its xtras are of course a moving target, and have complicated matters once again, requiring me to finally house the xtras on my own server, since the provider’s server looks terminally down. It was an easy fix, but annoying. I have better things to do with my life.

Further complicating matters, the squencer xtra I use in this program has this horrendous licencing scheme which was not in effect when I started using it. But when they were bought out by Sibelius, the latter asked me to pay royalties, even for free downloads of my own software written with it. Are these people totally insane, or what? We started trying to find an amicable solution some time back, but they suddenly went silent. So I’m still in limbo on this one, and don’t even mention what is going to happen with the switch to MacIntel, which is already in effect for some users. Ugh.

I finally took the time out to fix this because I’m developing a full scale terminal for this machine, which should be ready for ZeroOne San Jose (August 2006).

Abstract Machine : ^3 terminal

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Génial ! tu met une vidéo en ligne ?

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