Lola Daisy Stanley & Douglas Edric Stanley

I've been trying to find cool, yet creative gadgets for my daughter Lola Daisy to play with on the Internet. She'll soon be 9 years old. She has a new MacMini, so her computer is even faster than mine (how did that happen?). So far she's been using it for Wikipedia (school projects) and some games she found on the French Disney Channel (ugh) and PBS Kids (better).

For years Lola has been my beta-tester on things like Trane or ³. She's been a Kidpix user for years, and I introduced her to Logo many years ago when we started playing with Lego Mindstorms together. We've also built a couple of games together for the Hypertable, our favorite being a rediculous game called Smash-It!.

I've made up a quick list of stuff that she might like, while still being a bit hipper than standard cookie-cutter kid-formatting. If anyone else can give me some suggestions I'm all ears.

Update. I've already gotten a response on this. I'll add reader suggestions as they come in. You can check out the comments for who suggested what:

*Note: I'll setup a webcam on her computer. I've got enough lying around.