For various reasons, I was looking for Deleuze’s writings on the fall, or “la chute”, just yeasterday. It’s a concept I discovered just at the time of his death when he had thrown himself out of a window. Interresting coincidence. Suddenly I remember that I had discussed this matter on an old discussion list on Deleuze & Guattari’s work way back in the Mosaic era of the Internet (ah, I could almost shed a tear). I looked it up, and sure enough it was still there (cringe). I actually thought it was interresting, so here is the link [C’est ton chagrin idiot]. Unfortunately I hadn’t learned to keep out of flame wars back then (allow me my youth), so there’s a little whining, but that old archive generated a few ideas during the night, so I wanted to put it here — if only for myself — so as to have an easy access to it.