Simple Happy New Year Program, Stéphane Cousot

Stéphane Cousot has been working the past few weeks for the Atelier Hypermedia on external Processing libraries. For the moment, his job has simply been to dig into the source code and report back on how the thing works. From there, he'll start building additional libraries not yet available within the Processing community. My first request was for a true video export library, allowing us to directly build Quicktime movies within Processing, rather than exporting images one-by-one and then reassembling them in an external application. As reported elsewhere, I ultimately want to use Processing as a creative glue to hook up the various ateliers in the school, as our school project mandates: i.e. Video <> 3d <> Robotics <> Electronics <> Sound <> Printmaking, in no particular order.

From there we plan to expand into other neglected areas. Perhaps PDFs next (in fact Stéphane already built a prototype for such a library in a few minutes). Or perhaps something for building InDesign or xPress projects (anyone know a good open source alternative?). Our idea being that our needs in Aix-en-Provence pretty quickly exhaust the eternal spindly lines that often passes for cutting-edge Processing work. Of course we too so far have for the most part been generating nothing but eternal spindly lines in class, with the exception of some brilliant second year students a few weeks back (more on that later when their documentation is finished). Ultimately we want to move beyond that (next semester, for example), and we're going to need more polyvalent tools to get some of that work done. Processing is for me the perfect base (simple, light, spare), but a base that only takes on it's true potential when its fleshed out through libraries.

Anwyay, Stéphane has just posted a little snippet showing how to pull your image out of Processing. It's pretty compact and obvious, and all the comments are in English. Check it out : SaveAsPNG. It makes it a lot clearer how Casey and Ben added access to the Java Graphics Context, and to the image generated inside of that context.