Ah... enfin... des crochets pour des français. Merci Ben. Si vous utilisez Processing, et que vous écrivez sur un clavier Macintosh Français, allez vite télécharger la dernière version, numéro 125.

Processing 0125 - Crochets

What the hell am I talking about? Well, through a strange chain of events, Processing suddenly developed a problem over the last few months with brackets. Yes, brackets. You probably already know this, but the signs [ and ] are absolutely essential to programming in Java, along with many other punctuation marks by the way: { } ( ) ; , <em> / % // /</em> */ & | and even the period (.), almost all of which take on wholly different significations than in English or French. Yes, computer languages are fussy, and without a bracket, you can’t really do anything interesting in Java. Unfortunately, they were an absolute pain in the @#$ to write on French Macintosh keyboards, because they also happened to trigger the « previous tab » and « next tab » keyboard shortcuts.

This is now fixed in the latest version — Processing 0125 — which also fixes all sorts of other major lingustic faux pas, such as calling that little color thingy a « Color Picker », which thanks to Casey Reas’ insistance is now correctly named the « Color Selector ». Oh and then there are a few other, unimportant things such as faster 2D image rendering. You know, useless things of that nature.