Thomas sent me this link to a rap about coding HTML. I thought it was pretty funny. To bad I didn't have the link for class last Friday:

So it got me thinking about some other code songs:

Which was probably inspired by Joe Wecker's DeCSS Decryption Song, which also has lead to this MIDI version of the DeCSS Decryption algorithm (for more information, visit David S. Touretsky's Gallery of DeCSS descramblers).

On the purely cultural side of code, geeks, and computers, there's always ytcracker and MC Frontalot:

Which led me to this song, which is kinda ok (euh, maybe not):

I could go on and on, but at least it gave me an excuse to link to this cheezy rock song which tortured us in the 80's. To be honest, it isn't really about the same kind of code, but who cares -- I mean come on, check out that hair!