(display:"locations") (display:"directions") (display:"inventory") \ (if:$newgame is false and $gamestarted is true)[<br/>(display:"deja-vu")] (display:"essays")<type>This place seems familiar. You think about [[starting over->variables-restart]].</type>(set: $places to (dm: "0,0", "lighthouse", "1,0", "fog", "2,0", "fog", "3,0", "fog", "4,0", "fog", "5,0", "fog", "6,0", "fog", "7,0", "mission", "0,1", "martins-beach", "1,1", "bucks", "2,1", "sand-hill-road", "3,1", "stanford", "4,1", "caravan", "5,1", "calafia", "6,1", "whole-earth", "7,1", "facebook", "0,2", "san-gregario", "1,2", "la-honda", "2,2", "slac", "3,2", "tesla", "4,2", "el-camino", "5,2", "frys-palo-alto", "6,2", "hwy-101", "7,2", "east-palo-alto", "0,3", "slow-coast", "1,3", "big-basin", "2,3", "parc", "3,3", "byte", "4,3", "el-camino", "5,3", "computerland", "6,3", "google", "7,3", "shoreline", "0,4", "pleasure-point", "1,4", "burmese-pagoda", "2,4", "villa", "3,4", "apple-garage", "4,4", "el-camino", "5,4", "videoscope", "6,4", "computer-history-museum", "7,4", "nasa", "0,5", "pier", "1,5", "santa-cruz-mountains", "2,5", "herbs", "3,5", "homestead-high", "4,5", "el-camino", "5,5", "rooster-t-feathers", "6,5", "nvidia", "7,5", "weird-stuff", "0,6", "monterey", "1,6", "medicine-buddha", "2,6", "cupertino-village", "3,6", "apple-loop", "4,6", "el-camino", "5,6", "california-extreme", "6,6", "century-22", "7,6", "winchester", "0,7", "big-sur", "1,7", "mountaintop", "2,7", "umunhum", "3,7", "netflix", "4,7", "east-west-imports", "5,7", "frys-campbell", "6,7", "rosicrucian-egyptian-museum", "7,7", "gilroy" ) )<!-- if there is a saved valley cookie --> \ (if:(saved-games:) contains "abstract_valley")[ \ (display:"variables-load") \ (set:$gamestarted to true) \ \ <!-- if no cookie, start frame stratch --> \ ](else:)[ \ (display:"variables-init") \ (set:$gamestarted to true) \ (go-to:"location") \ ] <!-- initialize variables -->(display:"places-setup") \ (set:$coordinate to (a:2,4)) <!-- set starting coordinate --> \ (set:$newgame to true) \ (set:$gamestarted to true) \ (set:$place to "villa") \ (set:$inventory to (a:)) <!-- create an empty array for the inventory --> \ \ (set:$compass to "villa") \ (set:$zoom to 0) \ (set:$passages to getNamesOfPassages('')) \ \ <script>forgetBackgroundColor();</script> <!-- load valley from cookie -->(load-game:"abstract_valley") <!-- save valley to cookie -->(if: not(save-game:"abstract_valley"))[<script>console.log("Couldn't save abstract_valley");</script>] <!-- if the players asks to restart valley --><script> deleteSaveSlot("abstract_valley"); // resize to zero window.parent.document.getElementsByTagName("iframe")[0].width = "0px"; window.parent.document.getElementsByTagName("iframe")[0].height = "0px"; </script> \ (goto-url:"valley.html")(set:_placeid to (text:(1 of $coordinate)) + "," + (text:(2 of $coordinate))) \ (set:$place to _placeid of $places) \ (if:$compass is $place and not ($inventory contains "compass"))[(set:$place to "desert")] \ (display:"location-" + $place)#Loop \ (display:"image") <type>You are in front of a map. \ (if:not($inventory contains "tablet"))[ [[Tourists->image-apple-loop-tourists]] are holding a [[tablet->inventory-tablet]]. There is a bus stop next to the large circular structure. A [[bus->image-apple-loop-bus]] has just left. A guard blocks your access to the bus stop. \]</type>#Garage \ (display:"image") <type>You are in front of a garage. There is a NO TRESSPASSING sign. There is a small [[mailbox->image-zoom]].</type>#Beach \ (display:"image") <type>You are standing on a beach.</type>#Desert Valley \ (display:"image") <type>You are in a desert valley.</type>#Big Basin \ (display:"image") <type>You in Big Basin National Park. There is a sliced [[tree trunk->image-big-basin-tree-trunk]] here. There are two analog public [[pay phones->image-big-basin-pay-phone]] here.</type>#Big Sur \ (display:"image") (if:$zoom < 2)[(display:"location-big-sur-terrace")] \ (else-if:$zoom is 4)[(display:"location-big-sur-boat")] \ (else:)[(display:"location-big-sur-library")]<type>You are on a(if:$zoom is 1)[ [[terrace->image-zoom-big-sur-terrace]] ](else:)[ terrace ]looking over the edge of a cliff onto the sea. There is a [[boat->image-zoom-big-sur-boat]] down below.</type><type>You are in a library. Or maybe a bookstore. Perhaps a gift shop. Outside is a [[boat->image-zoom-big-sur-boat]].</type><type>You are in front of a boat. Next to you is a [[library->image-zoom-big-sur-library]].</type>#Buck's \ (display:"image") <type>You are drinking a cup of coffee.</type>#Pagoda \ (display:"image") <type>You are visiting a traditional Burmese [[pagoda->image-zoom]].</type>#Bus Stop \ (display:"image") <type>You are in front of a bus stop next to a large circular structure. A bus has just left. A guard blocks your access to the bus stop.</type>#Byte Shop \ (display:"image") <type>You are standing in front of a [[small building->image-zoom]].</type>#Calafia \ (display:"image") <type>This used to be Calafia Restaurant. There is an [[empty table->image-zoom]].</type>#California Extreme \ (display:"image") <type>You in a conference hall filled with [[vintage machines->image-zoom]].</type>#Caravan \ (display:"image") <type>You are near a caravan.</type>#Century 22 \ (display:"image") <type>You are standing in the parking lot of an(if:$zoom > 0)[ [[abandoned theater->image-zoom]]](else:)[ abandoned theater]. (if:$zoom is 0)[You are holding a [[promotional flyer->image-zoom]].](else:)[You are looking at a promotional flyer.] There is a [[caravan->image-zoom]] here.</type>#Computer History Museum \ (display:"image") <type>You are at a [[museum->image-zoom]].</type>#Computerland \ (display:"image") <type>(if:$zoom is 0)[You are in front of a Vietnamese noodle shop.] \(else:)[You are in a 1980s computer shop. It also doubles a [[restaurant->image-computerland-restaurant]] from 2010.] \(if:$zoom is 3)[ You are using an Apple 2 emulator. You type commands into the keyboard to control the game. When the kracker intro appears, you start the game by pressing any key.] \(if:$zoom is not 1)[ Someone has left a [[small card->image-computerland-card]] on the ground.] \(if:$zoom is not 2)[ There is an [[announcement->image-computerland-announcement]] posted on the wall.] \(if:$zoom is 1 or $zoom is 2)[ There is an [[Apple 2->image-computerland-wizard]] computer in the front of the store.]</type>#Cupertino Village \ (display:"image") <type>You are in Cupertino Village. There is a large spaceship structure nearby. There is a [[bulletin board->image-zoom]] here.</type>#Dirt Road \ (display:"image") <type>You are on a dirt road at the edge of a desert.</type>#East Palo Alto \ (display:"image") <type>You are in East Palo Alto, at the edge of the [[wetlands->image-zoom]] and salt marsh. There is a [[caravan->image-zoom]] here. There is a [[salvage->image-zoom]] company.</type>#East West Imports \ (display:"image") <type>You stainding in front of an abandoned [[electronics->image-zoom]] import store.</type>#El Camino Real \ (display:"image") <type>You are driving on El Camino Real.</type>#Facebook \ (display:"image") <type>You are at the edge of a massive [[wetlands->image-zoom]] and salt marsh.</type>#Fog \ (display:"image") <type>You are lost in the fog.</type>#Frys \ (display:"image") <type>You are at Frys. There is a cactus here.</type>#Frys \ (display:"image") <type>You are at Frys. There is a [[prymaid structure->image-zoom]].</type>#Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum \ (display:"image") <type>You are at at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum.</type>#Gilroy \ (display:"image") <type>You are in Gilroy. There is a mural here.</type>#Google \ (display:"image") <type>There is a colorful [[bicycle->image-zoom]] here.</type>#Santa Cruz Mountain Herbs \ (display:"image") <type>You are at a medical [[dispensary->image-zoom]].</type>#Homestead High School \ (display:"image") <type>You in front of a High School [[Gymnasium->image-zoom]].</type>#Freeway 101 \ (display:"image") <type>You are at the entrance to Freeway 101. There is a [[burning Tesla->image-zoom]] on the off-ramp.</type>#La Honda \ (display:"image") <type>You are standing in front of a [[bulletin board->image-zoom]].</type>#Lighthouse \ (display:"image") <type>You are standing in front of a lighthouse.</type>(set:$zoom to $zoom + 1) <!-- careful! If we are not holding the , this will break the game --> \ (go-to:"location")#Martin's Beach \ (display:"image") <type>You are in front of a locked gate to [[Martin's Beach->image-zoom]].</type>#The Land of Medecine Buddha \ (display:"image") <type>You are in a Dharma [[temple->image-zoom]].</type>#Mountaintop \ (display:"image") <type>You are on a narrow mountain path overooking the sea.</type>#Mission \ (display:"image") <type>You are in the [[Mission->image-zoom]].</type>#Monterey \ (display:"image") <type>(if:$zoom is 0)[You are standing on a pier looking out at fishing trawlers. There is a [[conference center->image-zoom]] here.](else:)[You are standing in front of a conference center next to a [[warf->image-zoom]].]</type>#NASA \ (display:"image") <type>You standing in front of a space research facility. There is a [[caravan->image-zoom]] here.</type>#Netflix \ (display:"image") <type>You at Netflix.</type>#Nvidia \ (display:"image") <type>You at the [[entrance->image-zoom]] to a computer graphics company.</type>#Parc \ (display:"image") <type>You are standing in front of a research center. You hear rustling in the [[bushes->image-zoom]].</type>#Pier \ (display:"image") <type>Are in front of a pier leading to a [[stone ship->image-zoom]].</type>#Pleasure Point \ (display:"image") <type>(if:$zoom is 0)[You are standing on a cliff, overlooking a group of surfers. Down the street is a [[beachside café->image-zoom]].](else:)[You are standing in front of a beachside café. There is a [[bulletin board->image-zoom]] here.]</type>#Plotter \ (display:"image") <type>You are drawing diagrams using an HP plotter connected to a small computer.</type>#Andy Capp’s Tavern \ (display:"image") <type>You in front of a former [[dive bar->image-zoom]].</type>#Signpost \ (display:"image") <type>You are standing in front of a sign posted on a telephone pole in the middle of nowhere.</type>#General Store \ (display:"image") <type>You are in front of a general store. There is a sign here about [[The Internet->image-zoom]]</type>#Beach \ (display:"image") <type>You are standing on a beach.</type>#Sand Hill Road \ (display:"image") <type>You are standing front of a mail center with several mailboxes.</type>#Santa Cruz Mountains \ (display:"image") <type>Are in a [[village->image-zoom]] in the mountains above Santa Cruz.</type>#Beach \ (display:"image") <type>You are standing on a the shore.</type>#Shoreline \ (display:"image") <type>You are at the edge of the wetlands and salt marsh. There are some [[software engineers playing->image-zoom]] vollyball by the shoreline. There is a lake here with paddleboats.</type>#Particle Accelerator \ (display:"image") <type>There is a particle accelerator here. Across the hilltop there is a [[satellite->image-zoom]] dish pointing into space.</type>#Slow Coast \ (display:"image") <type>You at [[Slowcoast->image-zoom]].</type>#Somewhere \ (display:"image") <type>You are somewhere.</type>#Stanford \ (display:"image") <type>There is a [[tower->image-zoom]].</type>#Tesla \ (display:"image") <type>You are near an electricity company, next to an [[open reserve->image-zoom]].</type>#Teletype Terminal \ (display:"image") <type>You are using a Teletype Model 33 ASR teleprinter with punched tape reader. Your keystrokes are interfacing with a remote terminal.</type>#Mount Umunum \ (display:"image") <type>You are in at the top of Mount Umunhum. The top of the mountain has been leveled to make room for a [[radar surveillance system->image-zoom]].</type>#Videoscope \ (display:"image") <type>You are at an abandoned video rental store.</type>#Villa \ (display:"image") <type>(if:$zoom is not 1 and $zoom is not 4)[ You are in your childhood home.] \(if:$zoom is 1 or $zoom is 4)[ You are in the classroom of your memory.] \(if:$zoom is 4)[ You are playing a game on a remote mainframe.] \(if:$zoom is not 0)[ There is an [[orchard->image-villa-orchard]] across the street.] \(if:$zoom is 0)[ You are looking out onto the orchards of your memory.] \(if:$zoom is not 1 and $zoom is not 4)[ There is a [[typewriter->image-villa-tty]] here.] \(if:$zoom is 1)[ You are using a Teletype Model 33 ASR teleprinter with punched tape reader. Your keystrokes are interfacing with a remote mainframe.] \(if:$zoom is not 2)[ In the next room there is a [[plotter->image-villa-plotter]].] \(if:$zoom is 2)[ You are drawing diagrams using an HP plotter connected to a small computer.] \(if:$zoom is not 3)[ There is a view of the mountains out the [[window->image-villa-view]].] \(if:$zoom is 3)[ You are looking west at the Santa Cruz Mountains.]</type>#Weird Stuff \ (display:"image") <type>You standing in front of [[Weird Stuff->image-zoom]]. It is not here anymore.</type>#Portola Institute \ (display:"image") <type>This are standing in front of an [[empty->image-zoom]] office space.</type>#Winchester Mystery House \ (display:"image") <type>You are in Sarah Winchester's [[house->image-zoom]].</type>(if:not($place is 0) and ($passages contains "color-" + $place))[(display: "color-" + $place)]<script>setColors("black", "red", "yellow", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "blue", "#68aaf8", false);</script><script>setColors("white", "grey", "lightgrey", true);</script><script>setColors("white", "lightblue", "sienna", true);</script><script>setColors("white", "lightblue", "sienna", true);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("gold", "#aba961", "#225313", true);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("white", "lightblue", "sienna", true);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "darkgray", false);</script><script>setColors("white", "yellow", "#3074b3", true);</script><script>setColors("white", "grey", "lightgrey", true);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "red", "yellow", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script> var value = 210 + (Math.random()*30); var randomcolor = "rgb(" + value + "," + value + "," + value + ")"; setColors("white", "gray", randomcolor, false); </script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("white", "yellow", "#5457a5", true);</script><script>setColors("yellow", "red", "#32db2f", true);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("white", "yellow", "brown", true);</script><script>setColors("darkgrey", "red", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "yellow", "#ddd7c5", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "white", false);</script><script>setColors("white", "#aba961", "#225313", false);</script><script>setColors("white", "yellow", "#3074b3", true);</script><script>setColors("white", "#aba961", "#225313", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("white", "blue", "green", true);</script><script>setColors("white", "grey", "DodgerBlue", true);</script><script>setColors("black", "yellow", "#ddd7c5", false);</script><script>setColors("white", "blue", "#6aa8a9", true);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "yellow", "#aaaaaa", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("white", "red", "#68aaf8", true);</script><script>setColors("black", "yellow", "#ddd7c5", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("white", "#aba961", "#225313", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "white", "#c0b28d", true);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "red", "wheat", false);</script><script>setColors("black", "grey", "lightgrey", false);</script> <!-- ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// --><script>setColors("black", "red", "#cdc8b2", false);</script><script>setColors("white", "lightgrey", "grey", false);</script><script>setColors("darkgray", "#b3ab81", "#e7e7e7", false);</script><script>setColors("grey", "black", "lightgrey", false);</script><script>setColors("white", "yellow", "brown", true);</script>(if:$compass is $place and not ($inventory contains "compass"))[ (display:"image-compass")] \ (else-if:not($place is 0) and ($passages contains "image-" + $place))[ (display:"image-" + $place)] \ (else:)[](set:$zoom to $zoom + 1) \ (go-to:"location")<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=compass"/> <!-- ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// -->(if:$zoom > 1)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=apple-garage-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=apple-garage-1">](if:$zoom > 3)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=apple-loop-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=apple-loop-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=apple-loop-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=apple-loop-3">](set:$zoom to 2) \ (go-to:"location")(set:$zoom to 1) \ (go-to:"location")(set:$zoom to 3) \ (go-to:"location")(if:$zoom > 11)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=big-basin-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=big-basin-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=big-basin-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=big-basin-3">] \ (if:$zoom is 4)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=big-basin-4">] \ (if:$zoom is 5)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=big-basin-5">] \ (if:$zoom is 6)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=big-basin-6">] \ (if:$zoom is 7)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=big-basin-7">] \ (if:$zoom is 8)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=big-basin-8">] \ (if:$zoom is 9)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=big-basin-9">] \ (if:$zoom is 10)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=big-basin-10">] \ (if:$zoom is 11)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=big-basin-11">](if:$zoom < 9)[(set:$zoom to 9)(go-to:"location")] \ (else:)[(set:$zoom to $zoom + 1)(go-to:"location")](if:$zoom > 8)[(set:$zoom to 0)(go-to:"location")] \ (else:)[(set:$zoom to $zoom + 1)(go-to:"location")](if:$zoom > 4)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=big-sur-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=big-sur-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=big-sur-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=big-sur-3">] \ (if:$zoom is 4)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=big-sur-4">](set:$zoom to 0) \ (go-to:"location")(set:$zoom to 1) \ (go-to:"location")(set:$zoom to 2) \ (go-to:"location")(set:$zoom to 3) \ (go-to:"location")(set:$zoom to 4) \ (go-to:"location")(if:$zoom > 0)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=bucks-0">](if:$zoom > 5)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=burmese-pagoda-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=burmese-pagoda-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=burmese-pagoda-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=burmese-pagoda-3">] \ (if:$zoom is 4)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=burmese-pagoda-4">] \ (if:$zoom is 5)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=burmese-pagoda-5">](if:$zoom > 1)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=byte-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=byte-1">](if:$zoom > 1)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=calafia-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=calafia-1">](if:$zoom > 31)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-3">] \ (if:$zoom is 4)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-4">] \ (if:$zoom is 5)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-5">] \ (if:$zoom is 6)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-6">] \ (if:$zoom is 7)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-7">] \ (if:$zoom is 8)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-8">] \ (if:$zoom is 9)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-9">] \ (if:$zoom is 10)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-10">] \ (if:$zoom is 11)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-11">] \ (if:$zoom is 12)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-12">] \ (if:$zoom is 13)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-13">] \ (if:$zoom is 14)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-14">] \ (if:$zoom is 15)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-15">] \ (if:$zoom is 16)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-16">] \ (if:$zoom is 17)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-17">] \ (if:$zoom is 18)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-18">] \ (if:$zoom is 19)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-19">] \ (if:$zoom is 20)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-20">] \ (if:$zoom is 21)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-21">] \ (if:$zoom is 22)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-22">] \ (if:$zoom is 23)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-23">] \ (if:$zoom is 24)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-24">] \ (if:$zoom is 25)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-25">] \ (if:$zoom is 26)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-26">] \ (if:$zoom is 27)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-27">] \ (if:$zoom is 28)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-28">] \ (if:$zoom is 29)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-29">] \ (if:$zoom is 30)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-30">] \ (if:$zoom is 31)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=california-extreme-31">](if:$zoom > 0)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=caravan-0">](if:$zoom > 4)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=century-22-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=century-22-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=century-22-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=century-22-3">] \ (if:$zoom is 4)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=century-22-4">](if:$zoom > 17)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computer-history-museum-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computer-history-museum-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computer-history-museum-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computer-history-museum-3">] \ (if:$zoom is 4)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computer-history-museum-4">] \ (if:$zoom is 5)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computer-history-museum-5">] \ (if:$zoom is 6)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computer-history-museum-6">] \ (if:$zoom is 7)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computer-history-museum-7">] \ (if:$zoom is 8)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computer-history-museum-8">] \ (if:$zoom is 9)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computer-history-museum-9">] \ (if:$zoom is 10)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computer-history-museum-10">] \ (if:$zoom is 11)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computer-history-museum-11">] \ (if:$zoom is 12)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computer-history-museum-12">] \ (if:$zoom is 13)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computer-history-museum-13">] \ (if:$zoom is 14)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computer-history-museum-14">] \ (if:$zoom is 15)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computer-history-museum-15">] \ (if:$zoom is 16)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computer-history-museum-16">] \ (if:$zoom is 17)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computer-history-museum-17">](if:$zoom > 3)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computerland-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computerland-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=computerland-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="../../../assets/emulators/apple2/wizard.html" scrolling='no' style="height: 404px; width: 580px; border-width: 2px; border-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.25); border-style: dotted;">](set:$zoom to 0) \ (go-to:"location")(set:$zoom to 1) \ (go-to:"location")(set:$zoom to 2) \ (go-to:"location")(set:$zoom to 3) \ (go-to:"location")(if:$zoom > 2)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=cupertino-village-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=cupertino-village-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=cupertino-village-2">](if:$zoom > 9)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=east-palo-alto-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=east-palo-alto-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=east-palo-alto-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=east-palo-alto-3">] \ (if:$zoom is 4)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=east-palo-alto-4">] \ (if:$zoom is 5)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=east-palo-alto-5">] \ (if:$zoom is 6)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=east-palo-alto-6">] \ (if:$zoom is 7)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=east-palo-alto-7">] \ (if:$zoom is 8)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=east-palo-alto-8">] \ (if:$zoom is 9)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=east-palo-alto-9">](if:$zoom > 1)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=east-west-imports-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=east-west-imports-1">](set:$rand to (random:14)) \ (if:$rand is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=el-camino-0"/>] \ (if:$rand is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=el-camino-1"/>] \ (if:$rand is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=el-camino-2"/>] \ (if:$rand is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=el-camino-3"/>] \ (if:$rand is 4)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=el-camino-4"/>] \ (if:$rand is 5)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=el-camino-5"/>] \ (if:$rand is 6)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=el-camino-6"/>] \ (if:$rand is 7)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=el-camino-7"/>] \ (if:$rand is 8)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=el-camino-8"/>] \ (if:$rand is 9)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=el-camino-9"/>] \ (if:$rand is 10)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=el-camino-10"/>] \ (if:$rand is 11)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=el-camino-11"/>] \ (if:$rand is 12)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=el-camino-12"/>] \ (if:$rand is 13)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=el-camino-13"/>] \ (if:$rand is 14)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=el-camino-14"/>](if:$zoom > 1)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=facebook-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=facebook-1">](if:$zoom > 11)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=frys-campbell-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=frys-campbell-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=frys-campbell-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=frys-campbell-3">] \ (if:$zoom is 4)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=frys-campbell-4">] \ (if:$zoom is 5)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=frys-campbell-5">] \ (if:$zoom is 6)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=frys-campbell-6">] \ (if:$zoom is 7)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=frys-campbell-7">] \ (if:$zoom is 8)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=frys-campbell-8">] \ (if:$zoom is 9)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=frys-campbell-9">] \ (if:$zoom is 10)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=frys-campbell-10">] \ (if:$zoom is 11)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=frys-campbell-11">](if:$zoom > 0)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=frys-palo-alto-0">](if:$zoom > 0)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=gilroy-0">](if:$zoom > 4)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=google-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=google-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=google-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=google-3">] \ (if:$zoom is 4)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=google-4">](if:$zoom > 2)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=herbs-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=herbs-1">](if:$zoom > 1)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=homestead-high-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=homestead-high-1">](if:$zoom > 3)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=hwy-101-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=hwy-101-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=hwy-101-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=hwy-101-3">](if:$zoom > 7)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=la-honda-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=la-honda-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=la-honda-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=la-honda-3">] \ (if:$zoom is 4)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=la-honda-4">] \ (if:$zoom is 5)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=la-honda-5">] \ (if:$zoom is 6)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=la-honda-6">] \ (if:$zoom is 7)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=la-honda-7">](if:$zoom > 0)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=lighthouse-0">](if:$zoom > 1)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=martins-beach-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=martins-beach-1">](if:$zoom > 1)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=medicine-buddha-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=medicine-buddha-1">](if:$zoom > 7)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=mission-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=mission-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=mission-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=mission-3">] \ (if:$zoom is 4)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=mission-4">] \ (if:$zoom is 5)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=mission-5">] \ (if:$zoom is 6)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=mission-6">] \ (if:$zoom is 7)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=mission-7">](if:$zoom > 1)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=monterey-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=monterey-1">](if:$zoom > 3)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=mountaintop-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=mountaintop-1">](if:$zoom > 5)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=nasa-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=nasa-1">](if:$zoom > 0)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=netflix-0">](if:$zoom > 2)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=nvidia-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=nvidia-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=nvidia-2">](if:$zoom > 2)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=parc-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=parc-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=parc-2">](if:$zoom > 3)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=pier-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=pier-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=pier-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=pier-3">](if:$zoom > 2)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=pleasure-point-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=pleasure-point-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=pleasure-point-2">](if:$zoom > 1)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=rooster-t-feathers-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=rooster-t-feathers-1">](if:$zoom > 0)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=rosicrucian-egyptian-museum-0">](if:$zoom > 2)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=san-gregario-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=san-gregario-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=san-gregario-2">](if:$zoom > 0)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=sand-hill-road-0">](if:$zoom > 3)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=santa-cruz-mountains-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=santa-cruz-mountains-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=santa-cruz-mountains-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=santa-cruz-mountains-3">](if:$zoom > 1)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=shoreline-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=shoreline-1">](if:$zoom > 1)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=slac-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=slac-1">](if:$zoom > 1)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=slow-coast-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=slow-coast-1">](if:$zoom > 12)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=stanford-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=stanford-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=stanford-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=stanford-3">] \ (if:$zoom is 4)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=stanford-4">] \ (if:$zoom is 5)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=stanford-5">] \ (if:$zoom is 6)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=stanford-6">] \ (if:$zoom is 7)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=stanford-7">] \ (if:$zoom is 8)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=stanford-8">] \ (if:$zoom is 9)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=stanford-9">] \ (if:$zoom is 10)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=stanford-10">] \ (if:$zoom is 11)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=stanford-11">] \ (if:$zoom is 12)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=stanford-12">](if:$zoom > 3)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=tesla-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=tesla-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=tesla-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=tesla-3">](if:$zoom > 2)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=umunhum-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=umunhum-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=umunhum-2">](if:$zoom > 0)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=videoscope-0">](if:$zoom > 4)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=villa-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=villa-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=villa-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=villa-3">] \ (if:$zoom is 4)[<iframe src="../../../assets/emulators/wumpus/wumpus.html" scrolling='no' style="height: 320px; width: 480px; border-width: 2px; border-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.25); border-style: dotted;">](set:$zoom to 0) \ (go-to:"location")(set:$zoom to 1) \ (go-to:"location")(set:$zoom to 2) \ (go-to:"location")(set:$zoom to 3) \ (go-to:"location")(set:$zoom to 4) \ (go-to:"location")(if:$zoom > 8)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=weird-stuff-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=weird-stuff-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=weird-stuff-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=weird-stuff-3">] \ (if:$zoom is 4)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=weird-stuff-4">] \ (if:$zoom is 5)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=weird-stuff-5">] \ (if:$zoom is 6)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=weird-stuff-6">] \ (if:$zoom is 7)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=weird-stuff-7">] \ (if:$zoom is 8)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=weird-stuff-8">](if:$zoom > 5)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=whole-earth-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=whole-earth-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=whole-earth-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=whole-earth-3">] \ (if:$zoom is 4)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=whole-earth-4">] \ (if:$zoom is 5)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=whole-earth-5">](if:$zoom > 4)[(set:$zoom to 0)] \ (if:$zoom is 0)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=winchester-0">] \ (if:$zoom is 1)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=winchester-1">] \ (if:$zoom is 2)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=winchester-2">] \ (if:$zoom is 3)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=winchester-3">] \ (if:$zoom is 4)[<iframe src="./sketch.html?image=winchester-4">]<type> \ (if:$inventory contains "compass")[(display:"go-cardinal")](else:)[(display:"go-lost")] \ </type>(if: 1 of $coordinate is 0 and 2 of $coordinate is 0)[Directions lead [[south->go-south]] and [[east->go-east]].] \ (else-if: 1 of $coordinate is 7 and 2 of $coordinate is 0)[Directions lead [[south->go-south]] and [[west->go-west]].] \ (else-if: 1 of $coordinate is 0 and 2 of $coordinate is 7)[Directions lead [[north->go-north]] and [[east->go-east]].] \ (else-if: 1 of $coordinate is 7 and 2 of $coordinate is 7)[Directions lead [[north->go-north]] and [[west->go-west]].] \ (else-if: 1 of $coordinate is 0)[Directions lead [[north->go-north]], [[south->go-south]] and [[east->go-east]].] \ (else-if: 1 of $coordinate is 7)[Directions lead [[north->go-north]], [[south->go-south]] and [[west->go-west]].] \ (else-if: 2 of $coordinate is 0)[Directions lead [[south->go-south]], [[east->go-east]] and [[west->go-west]].] \ (else-if: 2 of $coordinate is 7)[Directions lead [[north->go-north]], [[east->go-east]] and [[west->go-west]].] \ (else:)[Directions lead [[north->go-north]], [[south->go-south]], [[east->go-east]], and [[west->go-west]].]You are lost.(set:2 of $coordinate to 2 of $coordinate - 1) \ (set:$zoom to 0) \ (display:"min-max") \ (go-to:"location")(set:2 of $coordinate to 2 of $coordinate + 1) \ (set:$zoom to 0) \ (display:"min-max") \ (go-to:"location")(set:1 of $coordinate to 1 of $coordinate + 1) \ (set:$zoom to 0) \ (display:"min-max") \ (go-to:"location")(set:1 of $coordinate to 1 of $coordinate - 1) \ (set:$zoom to 0) \ (display:"min-max") \ (go-to:"location")(set:2 of $coordinate to (max:2 of $coordinate, 0))\ (set:2 of $coordinate to (min:2 of $coordinate, 7))\ (set:1 of $coordinate to (max:1 of $coordinate, 0))\ (set:1 of $coordinate to (min:1 of $coordinate, 7))<type> \ (if:$inventory's length is 0)[(display:"inventory-empty")] \ (else-if:$inventory's length is 1)[(display:"one-item")] \ (else:)[(display:"several-items")] \ \ (if:not($inventory contains "compass") and ($compass is $place))[(display:"compass-on-ground")] \ (if:$place is "desert")[(display:"compass-on-ground")] \ </type>You are not carrying anything.You are carrying a [[(print:$inventory)->inventory-(print:$inventory)]].You are carrying a \ (for: each _item, ...$inventory)[ \ [[(print:_item)->inventory-(print:_item)]](if:$inventory's 2ndlast is _item)[, and a ](else-if:not($inventory's last is _item))[, a ] \].There is a [[compass->inventory-compass]] on the ground.(if:$inventory contains "compass")[ <!-- if we have a compass --> \ (set:$inventory to $inventory - (a:"compass")) <!-- remove compass from inventory --> \ (set:$compass to $place) <!-- set the compass coordinate to current coordinate --> \] (else:)[ \ (set:$inventory to $inventory + (a:"compass")) <!-- add compass to inventory --> \] (go-to:"location")(if:$inventory contains "tablet")[(set:$inventory to $inventory - (a:"tablet"))] \ (else:)[(set:$inventory to $inventory + (a:"tablet"))] \ (go-to:"location")(open-url: "/") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url: "https://archive.org/details/Applesoft_BASIC_Programming_Reference_Manual_Apple_Computer") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url:"https://www.computer.org/csdl/mags/co/1977/03/01646403.pdf") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url:"https://www.theverge.com/2014/4/21/5628202/sunset-on-the-domes") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url:"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvKKi1p3kuQ") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url:"http://hpmuseum.net/display_item.php?hw=33") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url:"http://www.hpmuseum.net/display_item.php?hw=72") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url:"https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_chair#The_Gerry_Commission") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url: "https://youtu.be/WYOSZwe8Ibk") \ (go-to: "location")(open-url: "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HP_Garage") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url:"https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Jacques_Lebel") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url:"https://youtu.be/U7nVTSx37j0") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url:"https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Miller") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url:"https://www.wired.com/2008/01/dayintech-0104/") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url:"https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/topsy-elephant-was-victim-her-captors-not-really-thomas-edison-180961611/") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url:"https://www.ted.com/about/our-organization/history-of-ted") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url:"https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/appleii/564082-wizard-and-the-princess/faqs/19792") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url: "https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2e7z17/i_am_nolan_bushnell_founder_of_atari_chuck_e/cjwxl2z") \ (go-to: "location")(open-url:"https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teleprinter") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url:"http://boatanchorpix.x10host.com/HP200A.htm") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url:"https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_of_the_currents") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url:"https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Stanley_Jr.") \ (go-to:"location")(open-url: "https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Woodland_Library.jpg#/media/File:Woodland_Library.jpg") \ (go-to: "location")(open-url:"https://www.filfre.net/tag/hunt-the-wumpus/") \ (go-to:"location")(if:$inventory contains "compass" and not($place is 0) and ($passages contains "essay-" + $place))[(display: "essay-" + $place)] \ (else-if: $place is "desert")[(display:"essay-desert")]<essay>...</essay><essay>...</essay><essay>“... In that Empire, the Art of Cartography attained such Perfection that the map of a single Province occupied the entirety of a City, and the map of the Empire, the entirety of a Province. In time, those Unconscionable Maps no longer satisfied, and the Cartographers Guilds struck a Map of the Empire whose size was that of the Empire, and which coincided point for point with it. The following Generations, who were not so fond of the Study of Cartography as their Forebears had been, saw that that vast map was Useless, and not without some Pitilessness was it, that they delivered it up to the Inclemencies of Sun and Winters. In the Deserts of the West, still today, there are Tattered Ruins of that Map, inhabited by Animals and Beggars; in all the Land there is no other Relic of the Disciplines of Geography. — purportedly from Suárez Miranda, Travels of Prudent Men, Book Four, Ch. XLV, Lérida, 1658”</essay><essay>You are outside the outer edge of The Valley, at its farthest Southwest corner. An outpost, homesteaded by [[Miller->link-miller]] in the 1940s. Out of time. Out of place. Spaced out of your mind. Your ætheric body floating through the chaosmose as you eat organic vegetables grown by zen monks. You flip to a page about French intellectuals and the strange cult they developped in the 1980s in The United States. You may or may not have joined that cult at some point in time. You find a picture from [[Jean-Jacques Lebel->link-jean-jacques-lebel]] of(if:$zoom is 3)[ Gilles Deleuze sitting on the beach ](else:)[ [[Gilles Deleuze sitting on the beach->image-zoom-big-sur-deleuze]] ]in Big Sur in 1975. The swarms of tourists that normally lubricate the economy of this odd community of writers, gardeners, painters, activists, spirtualists are all gone. The Pfeiffer bridge has collapsed, cutting the California 1 in two. Big Sur is, temporarily at least, at the edge of the world again. No cars. No tourists. No Internet. No cell reception. Someone has left their(if:not($zoom is 1))[ [[phone->image-zoom-big-sur-phone]] ](else:)[ phone ]out to charge all the same.</essay><essay>...</essay><essay>You are 8 years old. A long time ago, far far away. You have just flown in a space rebellion from 20th Century. It is 1977 but you are at Century 22. There is also Century 21, Century 23, and down the street Century 24. The future is now. Computers, robots, and spaceage technology are the emerging language. The Valley already speaks it, as does this film, and this theater. The lines for the next showing wind down the street and onto the next block. The future is FAR OUT. It is also the 21st Century and these space age [[domes->link-century-theaters]] are now a parking lot. The Valley does not have any particuliar appreciation for cinema, or its history. When Hollywood wanted to test a film for "general audiences" they would take it to New Jersey or to this theater in San Jose. The Valley does not make movies. It streams flix. These flix are downloaded from servers that create temporary VPNs to deliver you algorithmically tuned video packets. These VPNs are anywhere and nowhere. They are content-agnostic abstractions. Walking out of the theater, you keep insisting that the name of robot character from the movie is Ark-II, but for some reason no one else understands. To this day you still insist that the robot's name is Ark-II.</essay>(if:$zoom is 3)[(display:"essay-computerland-apple2")](else:)[(display:"essay-computerland-store")]<essay>This used to be [[Computerland->image-computerland-card]]. You would ride your bicycle here with your friends every day after school to play [[The Wizard and the Princess->image-computerland-wizard]], trying to figure out day by day the next clue or thing to try to move further in the game. There bulletin boards back then, where people would share tips for playing the game but no one you knew had access to [[The Wizard and the Princess->image-computerland-wizard]], so you made this store part of your rounds as you went from store to store on your bicycle to try all the games on all the platforms. Each store had its own specialty platforms (Apple, IBM, Commodore, Radio Shack, etc) and the games varied on the culture of the store keepers. At Computerland, they were demoing [[The Wizard and the Princess->image-computerland-wizard]] because it was the first game with high resolution graphics. Graphics would draw out, point by point, creating a unveiling effect similar to how you played the game itself, each afternoon, a few minutes at a time. Eventually the store got tired of you coming in just to play on their computers and so they created a [[quota system->image-computerland-announcement]]. You stumble onto an online copy of the exact card used to track your use of the machines.</essay><essay-apple2>This is The Wizard and the Princess, also known as Adventure in Serenia. It involves saving a princess. It is a prequel to King's Quest and was written by Roberta Williams in 1980. This is your first experience of a "high-res graphic adventure". You use a text-based walkthrough written by [[Tyler Wright in 2002->link-tyler-wright]] to solve the game. N, E, E, E, E, N, E, N, W, GET ROCK, N, W, N, W, N, W, N, THROW ROCK, N, DRINK WATER, E, GET STICK, THROW STICK, W, N, THROW STICK, LOOK HOLE, GET NOTE, N, W, LIFT ROCK, N, GET NOTE, E, GET LOCKET, E, E, S, W, W, LOOK HOLE, GET CRACKER, E, N, N, W, N, W, N, SAY HOCUS, N, GO HOUSE, GET APPLE, W, N, LOOK GNOME, N, E, SAY HISS, GO CREVICE, S, S, S, GET BREAD, GET LOCKET, GET CRACKER, UNLOCK DOOR, OPEN DOOR, GO DOOR, U, GO HOLE, N, E, S, GIVE CRACKER, GET VIAL, N, W, S, W, W, THROW BREAD, N, GET ROPE, GO BOAT USE BLANKET, N, N, DRINK WATER, N, E, E, E, GO BEACH, N, N, E, GET ANCHOR, W, TIE ROPE, TO ANCHOR, THROW ANCHOR, UP, GET SHOVEL, DOWN, S, S, DIG X, LOOK TREASURE, GRAB CHEST, LEAVE, E, N, W, GO CAVE, OPEN CHEST, LOOK CHEST, GET HARP, N, E, N, DRINK VIAL, FLY NORTH, N, GET RING, N, W, FOLLOW RAINBOW, GET COIN, N, SAY LUCY, W, W, N, GO CAVE, GET ALL, N, S, W, PLAY HARP, N, N, BUY HORN, N, N, BLOW HORN, N, U, E, OPEN CLOSET, LOOK CLOSET, GET SHOES, LOOK SHOES, W, D, W, W, LOOK THRONE, THROW APPLE, N, E, LOOK CABINET, PICK LOCK, WITH KNIFE, OPEN DOOR, E, U, D, U, WEAR RING, RUB RING, D, E, KISS FROG, WEAR SHOES, SAY WHOOSH </essay-apple2><essay>...</essay><essay>Your French wife once remarked that it is hard to locate oneself on El Camino Real as there is an endless repetition of the same fast food restaurants, but in a random order: Taco Bell, Burger King, Wendys, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Subway, McDonalds, Burger King, In 'n' Out, Wendys, Subway, Arbys, Starbucks, Dennys, Taco Bell, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on. Since El Camino is the original main route of California, running all the way from San Francisco to Mexico, this allows for a lot of possible permutations. But much of that is actually just open Freeway once you get out of the Valley. But in the Valley itself, the effect is uncanny now that you have noticed it. You are trapped in some sort of cosmic loop, but with a randomization routine just to keep yourself on this side of insanity.</essay><essay>You are skeptical about this garage. Given the sign outside, the owner seems to agree with you. Something like a unwanted shrine. Tourists from all over the world drive up in rentals. Sometimes the leave gifts. Today it's Chinese and Germans. You remember riding down this street on your bicycle. Just around the corner is the [[Woodland Library->link-woodland]] where you would occasionally watch [[Hardware Wars->link-hardware-wars]]. A few doors down: a small office complex where you used to take programming classes on an [[Apple II->link-appleii]]. Your skepticism leads you to reflect on how this garage seems to have supplanted [[the other one->link-hp-garage]] as The Valley's origin story. For these random tourists wandering in, Jobs appears to be synonymous with The Valley itself. Steve Jobs' Garage is as far back as History needs to go. And given his apocryphal status, the equivalency should probably be reversed. Perhaps a romantic garage story about [[unbathed->link-unbathed]] hippies, LSD, a Volkswagen Bus, and circuit design makes for a more romantic story of innovation than neerdy engineers designing an early [[audio oscillator->link-hp200a]]. Or maybe it's just because people just liked iPods and iPhones that much.</essay><essay>...</essay><essay>...</essay><essay>...</essay><essay>Just down the street from the famous garage, you find these power lines. Like anywhere else, these lines are everywhere but no one really notices them. These power lines remind you of your [[great-grandfather->link-william-stanley]]'s work on power transformers and his instrumental role in sending power over long distances. This would have been during the [[war of the currents->link-war-of-the-currents]]. The same war that led to an [[elephant electrocution->link-topsy]]. Or maybe not. Historians apparently [[disagree->link-topsy-debunked]]. That said, no one debates that these designs didn't lead to the invention of the [[electric chair->link-gerry-commission]]. But you diverge. These power lines are very real. One of the key debates in the [[war of the currents->link-war-of-the-currents]] surrounded the location of electricity production.</essay><essay>...</essay><essay>You have visited this small seaside town often, about an hour's drive from The Valley. Long ago it was Steinbeck's Cannery Row. Dali had a house down the street in the 1920s. Jimi Hendrix lit his guitar on fire here in 1967. It's also where the [[Technology Entertainment Design->link-ted]] conferences started, otherwise known as TED. Little remains from those days. The trawlers are still genuine — slowly transforming into pure backdrop. The transformation has recently taken over the conference center where early TED stars were shot into the Internet stratosphere. The same corporatisation of 60s counterculture, just like what's happening over the hill. An old funky California town full of anecdotal charm, progressively replaced by interior design magazine æsthetics. TED has long since moved on — technogentrification - blossoming into a spectacular, self-perpetuating parody of itself, anywhere and nowhere. A machine of tautological technopositivism, fueled by some obscure zero-point intellectual energy source always teetering on the edge of vaporization. The currency of technofuturism. Such an idiosyncratic conference, originating in so specific a location, seeping with anectodes, had to delocalize said hyperlocal identity in order to relocalize itself in the abstracted ethernetworks.</essay>(if:$zoom is 1)[(display:"essay-villa-tty")](else-if:$zoom is 2)[(display:"essay-villa-tty")](else-if:$zoom is 4)[(display:"essay-villa-wumpus")]<essay>This is your first experience of a printer. Technically, it's called a plotter. Since you are 8 years old it is basically a drawing machine. Your father has brought the drawing machine home from work and connected it up to a small [[HP-85->link-villa-hp200a]] computer. The HP-85 doesn't do much but there are some biorhythm programs that you and your sister use to print out pretty graphs. It's the 1970s. You are living not only in Northern California but in The Valley. Vitamin shops, chiropractors, astrology, and jogging are all the rage. If you are going to demonstrate how your drawing machine can print using sines and cosines, it's biorythms. The drawing machine requires you to break down a drawing into each of its strokes. Starting from an image, you work backwards, figuring out which line will create the contour, fill in the details, and color in the surfaces. You enter the coordinates. You change pen colors. You press RUN. The drawing machine unspools your image stroke by stroke.</essay><essay>This is your first [[computer interface->link-villa-tty]]. You are typing instructions on the keyboard. The terminal prints out its reply. There is a telephone. It is not for you, but for the machine. It communicates with an external time-share service. A tapereader allows you to load new instructions into the machine. Your teachers have extracted you from your regular classes and placed you in front of the machine. They load in a program that simuates a series of caves with a monster called a [[wumpus->image-villa-wumpus]]. Everything about this machine is physical. The storytelling machine writes out the story, letter by letter by letter by letter. It is all profoundly tangible. It vibrates with lots of noise. And then it doesn't. You enter your command. The only thing quiet about the machine is when it thinks.</essay><essay>"Gregory Yob published Hunt the Wumpus in 1975, written while he was attending University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. It is one of the earliest adventure games. While living in Palo Alto, California, Yob came across logic games on a mainframe computer named Hurkle, Snark, and Mugwump. Each of these games was based on a 10 × 10 grid, and Yob recognized that a puzzle game on a computer could have a far more complex structure. He created the world for Wumpus in the shape of a dodecahedron, in part because as a child he made a kite with that shape. He was an engineer and helped build the first iteration of student radio station KDVS at University of California, Davis, where he ran an avant-garde show. Gregory Yob, also known as Hara Ra, had changed his name to Gregory H. Coresun shortly before his death. In recent years he had made his home in Santa Cruz, California. After five days in a diabetic coma at the intensive care unit in Santa Cruz, on October 13, 2005, he was airlifted to a hospice in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he died that evening. Technicians from Alcor Life Extension Foundation were present and started preparations immediately. His body was moved into an ice bath and taken to Alcor's Scottsdale facility where his head underwent neuropreservation." —Wikipedia</essay>(display:"colors") \ <script>$('type').typewriter();</script> \ <script>$('essay').typewriter(5000);</script> \ <script>$('essay-apple2').typewriter(5000);</script> \ <script>resizeIframeWithId('abstract_iframe');</script> \ (set:$newgame to false) \ (set:$gamestarted to false) \ (display:"variables-save")